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Words count.

And with so many of them whizzing around the internet, competing for eyeballs, well-crafted copy is more important than ever.

Put your business in the virtual spotlight with clear, concise content that excites your target audience.

A freelance copywriter with a background in marketing and publicity and a lifelong crush on the English language, I can take care of your wordy needs, whatever the scope of your project. 

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Need words?

I can write your: 

  • website copy

  • brochure copy

  • original articles / blog posts

  • newsletters

  • social media posts 

  • press releases

... words?

You know you need them, but you don't know where to start.

Facebook posts or blog posts? Newsletters or eDMs? 

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Got words?

I can make them shine.

Ask me about:

  • editing

  • proofreading